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Holistic Healing Packages & Pricing

Premium Package of 6

60 min - package of 6  
90 min - package of 6

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receive 4 - 60 min sessions a month.
Can be used anytime.
Allows you to recharge and detox your cells as a part of a healthy lifestyle.
Sessions do not carry over
month to month

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Single Sessions
60 min session

90 min session
Ultimate Package of 12
60 min - package of 12
90 min - package of 12
Home Visit Setup
Extra $100
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*All packages must be prepaid to receive discount. Can customize programs based on your body's energetic needs.

Transform Your Well-being.
Become a better YOU and experience the transformative power of Divine Wellness Healing's alternative holistic therapies, designed to harmonize your mind, body, and soul. Find relief from stress, achieve energetic equilibrium, and enhance your overall health with our comprehensive approach to well-being in Roanoke, Virginia.
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