Transformative Experiences: Our Clients Share Their Healing Journeys
Our Clients

Don't just take our word for it, hear from one of our valued clients about their unique healing journey:


Jillian Warminsky

My experience with the RASHA was overwhelming positive. The organic grounding sounds of the machine, combined with Megan's expertise and warm, calming presence, led to a deeply relaxing experience. Despite some initial shoulder discomfort from a physically demanding weekend, I left the session with noticeably less pain. I highly recommend Megan's services and the RASHA to anyone seeking a rejuvenating and calming experience.


Lyndi Guevara

I have done many relaxation therapies including yoga, massage and acupuncture. The RASHA helped me to reach a level of full body and mind relaxation that I don’t think I have ever experience before. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take the next step in self-care. I walked away feeling more in tune with my body and at peace with my soul.

This is the transformative power of our BioEnergetic Healing Sessions. Not only does our scalar-plasma-sound technology provide a host of benefits from chakra harmonization to sleep pattern rejuvenation, it also elevates your self-care to a new level, enabling an in-depth connection with your body and soul.

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