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Experience Transformational Scalar-Plasma Bio-Energetic Treatments for Stress Relief, Holistic Health, and Enhanced Performance in Roanoke, Virginia.
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A Unique Alternative Healing Option

What We Do

Seeking Alternative Healing? Divine Wellness Healing offers a true scalar plasma energy device with the most advanced base-12 frequency collection.

Image of a client experiencing our transformative scalar-plasma bio-energetic treatment at Divine Wellness Healing, embodying our commitment to holistic health and wellness.

What is
Bio-Energetic Healing?

Divine Healing Wellness offers an eternal life, Base-12, Scalar Frequency technology. Click below to understand the technology.

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Screenshot of our state-of-the-art frequency generating machine, used to design unique treatment programs for holistic health and wellness at Divine Wellness Healing.

Based on science beyond Newtonian principles of large bodies. Adheres to the larger set of morphogenetic & multi-dimensional field physics.


Protects and harmonizes the autonomic nervous system by relieving stressors.


Allows for the repatterning of the morphogenetic fields surrounding every cell, organ and system of the body.


Transmuting negative habitual patterns, supports relaxation, cellular detoxification and healing from electro-smog and geopathic stress.



Consciousness Coherence

Stress Relief & Relaxation

Chakra Harmonization & Clearing

Weight Loss

Muscle, Joint & General Pain Relief / Release

Energy Boost & Reverses Chronic Fatigue

Restful Sleep & Alleviates Sleep Disorders

Healing & Regeneration

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Become a better YOU and experience the transformative power of Divine Wellness Healing's alternative holistic therapies, designed to harmonize your mind, body, and soul. Find relief from stress, achieve energetic equilibrium, and enhance your overall health with our comprehensive approach to well-being in Roanoke, Virginia.
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