Scalar Energy for Healing

January 1, 2024

Happy New Year, and welcome to my first blog post ever, and for 2024. I want to use the blog to answer any questions you may have, and provide more information about this incredible technology available for healing. The first question you may have is what scalar energy even is.

Scalar energy is created when 2 frequencies that are identical in make-up come together from opposite directions and collide. This cancels out any free movement and a stationary energy field is created. This is a field that carries information, as well as communicates with what is often misinterpreted as “junk DNA”. Scalar energy is what Nikola Tesla was able to tap into when he planned to use it as a carrier for telecommunications that would rule out the need for wires. Medically, the capability is limitless on how we can help our bodies heal. First, we have to understand that our bodies are made of light and sound. Every single cell of our body holds an electromagnetic charge. It is when the charge in our cells get depleted, that we begin to get sick. There is a wonderful book I recommend called Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.,D that goes into depth much further on the true nature of our body and how we are literal human batteries that need to be recharged.

Medically, scalar energy is also able to break down molecular bonds of bacteria and fungi. It neutralizes radiation and other harmful man-made electric frequencies associated with the body.

Some of the benefits of scalar energy include:

·        Hydrogen bonds of DNA are strengthened by increasing the energy that holds them together which prevents damage

·        Immune system functioning can be improved

·        Radiating energy has a positive effect on the brain as the 2 halves become balanced. This improves mental focus and directly affects neurotransmitters, acting as a natural antidepressant for the brain.

·        Cell membranes vibrate an electrical charge that allows nutrients to move in and toxins and waste to move out at optimal levels of efficiency.

·        The body’s cells are energized and overall, the body is encouraged to function at increasingly high levels.

·        Inflammation in the body is reduced.

·        The blood profile is rejuvenated and blood flow is promoted with increased oxygen being circulated. Blood pressure is also regulated.

The impact of scalar energy is still to be recognized through the field of science as it should. It remains an untapped resource in the medical field despite it’s benefits and properties. My goal is to bridge the gap between western medicine and energy medicine so that we can work together to truly begin to help people heal. If there is another topic you would like to know more about and for me to post about, please let me know. May everyone have a beautiful 2024 full of health and healing in all ways.

Megan Faver

Divine Wellness Healing, LLC

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